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Neil Mammen

Neil Mammen

An Engineer by day and an Apologist (defender of the Faith) by night

Neil Mammen, a non-hyphenated first-generation immigrant. is an Engineer by day and an Apologist (defender of the Faith) by night. He is an ordained Evangelical Minister. Neil is African by birth and was born in Ghana and grew up in Jamaica, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, India and Yemen. Though Neil’s family is predominantly Christian and his grandfather was a lay-preacher and very active in the Church, Neil’s extended family consists of a large number of Atheists, Marxists, Communists and Social Justice Activists. Three of his uncles were leaders in the Communist Party in South India, one who was on the run from India’s Prime Minister Nehru with a price on his head (after Indian Independence Nehru was trying to ensure Communism did not become established in India). ... One uncle went on to become a leader of the World Council of Churches, one of the more influential Liberation Theology Social Justices organizations in the world (a movement that Neil actively speaks against). As a vocal promoter of the morally restrained Free Market and an vocal apologist for Christianity, in a family of many Socialists and Marxists, Neil is often the black sheep. As an engineer, Neil spends his time designing video and networking systems, computer chips and boards with TentmakerSystems.com and other US and international engineering companies. He has over 16 pending or issued patents and has been the co-founder of 4 startup companies. Working with his cofounders as CTO or VP of Technology Neil helped raise over $88M in Venture Funding for his various companies. Neil is the founder of NoBlindFaith.com, an apologetics, theology and evangelization ministry. Apologetics is the investigation and defense of the truth of Christianity using facts, reason, science, history, archaeology, and philosophy. Neil is a speaker at conferences around the world. He’s been on. NPR debating Eric Rothschild of the ACLU and Eugenie Scott; and on over 40 radios shows including the Bob Dutko Show, the Lars Larson Show, the Dr. Brown show, the Eric Metaxas show, American Family Radio and on KKLA with the late Frank Pastore. He has spoken for the Family Research Council and has been a speaker at the Values Voter Conference. Neil’s Daily Jesus and Politics One Minute Broadcast has been heard on 160 stations around the U.S. on AFR radio. To hear them online visit www.J3IP.WordPress.com He used to be a regular guest every Monday at 8:15 AM PST on the syndicated Sam Sorbo Show while it was running. In 2014 Neil toured the great state of Kansas with its Governor, Sam Brownback calling Churches and Christians to get involved in the Awakening Freedom Tour (video available at kansasvideo.j3ip.com). One of his focuses is to get Reynolds v. Sims, 1964 (and Baker v. Carr, 1962 and Wesberry v. Sanders, 1964) overturned in the Supreme Court, as he feels this is the only way to protect conservative states from going liberal with the mass exodus from liberal states. You can read about it here: https://stream.org/how-to-stop-red-states-from-going-blue/ Neil is also the President of the Values Advocacy Council, a family policy organization located in Silicon Valley hosting monthly meetings with as many as 1800 attendees for events with Dr. Simone Gold, Charlie Kirk, Josh McDowell, Eric Metaxas, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Robert Kennedy Jr. www.VAC.org Neil is also the founder of Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) with Kevin McGary, a, pro-life response to the Marxist pro-choice Black Lives Matter. Their focus is on how to actually solve the problem of black plight in America. Neil has been on multiple radio and TV shows including Breitbart News and Newsmax talking about EBLM. Some of Neil's blogs and articles can be found at www.CrossExamined.org. and www.NeilMammen.WordPress.com and https://stream.org/author/neilmammen/

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